Reasons for Immigration to canada

People leave their home country and immigrate to a foreign country for a variety of reasons. These include
1. Higher education – for college or post graduate studies in a foreign country, especially when the home country does not offer suitable educational facilities
2. For better career prospects – to get a better, higher paying job in a foreign country
3. To escape persecution and harassment – in some countries there is little room for merit, the privileged elite is extremely ruthless in destroying the life and career of anyone who may pose a threat to them or the status quo. For this they often waste huge amounts of tax payer money to ruin the life of an innocent person, and immigration is often the only option available.
4. For personal reasons, like living with friends, family members
5. Health reasons – less pollution, stress free lifestyle

Depending on the reason for immigration, the type of immigrant visa, procedure for immigration and terms and conditions greatly vary.