Domestic jobs in canada – may be phishing mail

Multinational company believed in possibility, You have talents, skills and passions – put them to work building a rewarding career at our Company.
Here, you’ll find an employer who values diverse opinions, focuses on success, and recognizes the rewards a job well done.

Jobs at our company
We hire people from a variety of disciplines:
Service Technicians, Facility Maintenance, Mechanical Engineers, Technical Design Engineers, Sales Marketers, Administrative Executives, project managers, Accountants, Driver ,Environmental Experts, Office Assistants,
Machine Operators, Electrical Maintenance Technician, Shipping Specialist, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager
Mill wright, Manager, Loans Analyst, Relationship Manager, Corporate Procurement Manager, Relationship Manager

Your resume is a reflection of you and what you’ve accomplished and submit your Educational Qualification Certificates through this email address
below for Verification and Consideration.

You’ll only be considered for a position with the company if you’re legally entitled to work in the sector and ready to relocate to our country.

we’re passionate about our company. When you work here, you get the chance to learn, be heard and advance your career supporting the industry that feeds the world.

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Chaubey Raj
Advertising Manager.


Canadian hotel, offshore jobs – may be a phishing mail

We are currently recruiting workers to Canada for HOTEL SERVICES and OFF SHORE JOBS.Please let us know if you have skilled and unskilled workers.



Manager, Fish packing,cleaners , store keeper , Walter, waitress,room service,drivers, truck drivers, supervisors, securities, assist. admin, secretary, cashier drivers,plumbers,cook and bakery in all kind of diet. etc…


maintenance men, carpenters, pipe fitters, roofers, cleaners,General workers, Fish packers, material Handlers, Metal fabricators, General laborers, mineworkers, millwrights, , welders, etc…

NOTE: The candidates will render 25% charges for their visa processing while the Employer takes care of the rest 75% .


1. Accommodation – Provided.
2. Ticket – Provided (FOR FREE)
3. Medical – Provided.
4. Transportation – Provided.
5. Working hours – 8a.m-4p.m [Mon-Sat]
6. Vacation – 28.5 days every year
7. Salary – Cash $21 per hour for unskilled,$34 for skilled workers.
8. Contract – 2 years.
9. Extra time – Ca$18per hour
10.Insurance & Pension – According to laws.
11.Other Benefits – Family status, group benefit and other fringe benefits.


Pst Eliot Derek
Nous sommes ici pour mieux servir
Email address:
Skype name: workabroaddesk
Building The Delta I 9876,
boul. Laurier , Suite 656
Québec , QC GXI 3M1
Tele-phone: +15817012154

Animation video creator from Toronto

Adding video to your website has become an absolute MUST. Even something basic that clearly defines exactly what it is you’re offering & why work with your company vs competitors…

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Commander Nanavati migrated to Canada due to corruption in India after he was freed

NTRo, raw, cbi falsely accuse the domain investor of defamation when she usually does not use real names or addresses, it is only inspired by a real life story, like the extremely popular Akshay Kumar movie “Rustom” based on a real life story, Commander Nanavati case
In some cases, people migrate because they are tired of the high levels of corruption and nepotism in . In the movie Rustom based on the famous Nanavati case, after Commander Rustom Pavri, who is accused of murdering his wife’s lover Vikram Makhija (prem ahuja) is freed , he and his wife immediately migrated to Canada,as his wifes lover was allegedly involved in some shady defence contracts, procuring defective aircraft carriers for the navy, In real life also Commander Nanavati resigned from the Indian Navy and migrated to Canada with his wife and children within a month of being freed, knowing that it is extremely difficult to fight the extremely corrupt system in India.

Panaji sindhi scammer family may have blackmailed the original owner to vacate the home and leave india for canada

Usually if the home is legally sold, all the documents are legally transferred in the name of the home buyer
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It would be interesting to find out the modus operandi used to gain possession of the house from the home owner who fled to canada.

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