Lawn maintenance tips for lawns in Canada

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Property owners in Canada are investing a large amount in the lawn on their property, sowing suitable grass seeds and watering the lawn grass regularly. Compared to other areas of the garden, the lawn will require more water. During droughts or periods of water shortage the property owner would like to reduce the amount of water for the lawn, while ensuring that the lawn grass will not shrivel and dry. The property owner would also like to reduce other expenses for the lawn like cost of procuring fertilizers. Some tips for Lawn Maintenance in Canada are discussed below

Grass height

Some property owners want to reduce the height of the grass and so that the law grass height is like a golf course. However, this is not advisable, since the grass will dry quickly. Keeping the height of the lawn grass at least three inches, will provide some shade to the other grass, so it will lose moisture less quickly and it will require less watering. While mowing the lawn, the person mowing should ensure that the mower blade is sharp, so that it will cut the grass quickly and properly without leaving jagged edges. Hence the blade should be sharpened or replaced every two months or after it has been used ten times.

Reducing water consumption

Due to water shortages in summer of droughts, the local government bodies may impose restrictions on the amount of water which can be used for watering the lawn. However, if the property owner does not water the lawn for a longer period of time, the lawn grass will become brown, and it is often difficult to revive the lawn grass for at least a few months. So the best way to reduce water consumption is by making the roots of the lawn grass drought tolerant, so that they can survive without water for longer periods of time, usually at least 3-4 days. The property owner should also choose a grass which requires less water, for Winnipeg and other areas of Manitoba, after consulting Winnipeg landscapers

Grass clippings.

The gardener is purchasing expensive fertilizer from the garden store to ensure that the grass will grow well. He can reduce the amount of fertilizer required by reusing the grass clippings obtained from mowing the lawn as fertilizer. The grass clipping contain most of the nutrients like Nitrogen, Potassium, which the lawn grass requires. Only the shorter grass clippings should be used as fertilizers, since longer clippings will affect soil aeration.The grass should not be mowed immediately after rains, since the composting grass will have an unpleasant smell.

Preventing grass damage

Trampling or walking on the grass repeatedly can damage the grass and its roots also in some cases, so it may be necessary to regrow the grass. One of the most effective methods to reduce the damage to lawn grass is by having a pathway through the lawn, which visitors can conveniently use while crossing the lawn. Alternately stepping stones or pavers could also be used. For advice on lawn maintenance especially pathway, paver installation, please contact at

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